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Smith, Pete (Nombres Personales)

Forma preferida: Smith, Pete

Pete Smith, sitio web, 26 mayo 2016: (Education: 2007, Masters of Fine Art, University of Guelph. 2001, Bachelor of Education, Nipissing University. 1998, Bachelor of Fine Arts, York University) http://petesmithcv.blogspot.mx/

Kelouna Art Gallery, sitio web, 26 mayo 2016: (Pete Smith is an emerging Ontario-based artist who works in abstract painting. He derives his compositions from a computer animation sequence he created, made up from his own sketches and earlier paintings. Once he selects a still to use as the basis for a new work, he transforms the original as he proceeds on canvas, using oil paint. Smith’s works are abstract and colourful, and read like explorations of the tropes of expressiveness in painting.) http://kelownaartgallery.com/pete-smith-new-frontier/

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